26 - 28 April, 2017 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Vivian Straw

Research Fellow for Governance and Policy Analysis
University of Canberra

9:10 AM Linking Strategic Asset Management plans to University Goals to Support Long-Term Operations

Creating a strategic asset management plan for a university would not be worthwhile unless it reflected that university’s long-term, and often expensive, goals. However it’s also important to acknowledge that a university’s future plans must be sustainable in the face of incredible financial investment in the maintenance, operation and creation of its physical assets.

This session will review:
  • Aligning the objectives of strategic asset management plan with university goals to ensure that they are working together to achieve the same objectives
  • Prioritizing assets in relation to master-plans in order to discover the price of what the institution is willing to spend on maintenance and upkeep
  • Determining the priority of assets by more than just monetary value be that historical, pastoral or potential significance

12:40 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Balancing the Need for IT Infrastructure Development with Energy Efficiency

When implementing effective asset management strategies the performance of the asset increases and the return on the asset will improve. However sometimes asset costs demonstrate the competing interests of universities. Investing in IT infrastructure to create state of the art research facilities can greatly increase the value of a building to the university, but at the same time also drastically increase its operating costs.
  • What is the cost-benefit analysis of investing in IT Infrastructure when it does have expensive operation costs
  • Is there such a thing as ideal energy consumption for existing buildings?
  • When should a building place a limit on the amount of energy its IT infrastructure consumes?
  • How can renewable energies assist in the highenergy consumption infrastructure

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