26 - 28 April, 2017 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Murray Gray

Property Manager
University of Otago

2:20 PM INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: Reviewing Otago University’s Flexible Property Portfolio

Otago University’s $1.6 billion property inventory is constantly changing to reflect the evolving needs of the real estate, through building development, land purchases or leasing arrangements. This is achieved through a strategic asset management plan, which provides an operations strategy for the entire campus but also focuses on each individual asset.

This session will discuss:
  • Establishing the need for a new rebuild rather than altering an existing structure in order to reduce costs in the long term
  • Refurbishing the whole of a facility versus a piecemeal approach that often occurs in practice
  • Identifying assets for disposal or demolition
  • Owning versus leasing – what is best?

5:35 PM Rapid Asset Acquisition and Release

  • Discussing the appropriate life-cycle length of a university asset
  • The benefits of leasing university assets for noneducational purposes
  • The key indicators of a commercially viable real estate purchase

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Murray .

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