Design, Development and Lifecycle Management of Higher Education Assets

In a recent study conducted by the CEFC Market Report, buildings accounted for 65% of Australian universities fixed assets and amounted to $28 billion in reserve funds. However, the high cost to maintain and update buildings make these assets one of the most expensive expenditures in University budgets. This issue is compounded by rising student admittance and the high consumption of energy by hi-tech labs and research facilities that universities feel obliged to invest in.

With solutions to this pressing issue in mind, IQPC is proud to host the inaugural Strategic Asset Management for Higher Education Conference in 2017. In the company of property, facility, infrastructure and asset managers we will be looking strategically at asset management to reduce their costs.

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In 2017, the key themes we will discuss are:

Interactive Sessions

Repurposing an Asset for More Effective Space Utilisation

Real Situation Analysis

Increasing the Sustainability and Efficiency of an Asset through Retro-fitting or Updating

ISO Technical Committee

Aligning Life-cycle Costing with Long Term University Goals

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Improving Sustainability through a Focus on Energy and Water

Networking Opportunities

Understanding How to Effectively Stabilise and Manage Maintenance Backlog

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